The Pavillion at the KURPARK in BADEN is going to be transphormed into a MUSIC ZONE with INTERNATIONAL ROCKIN' BANDS, playing Rhythm'n'Blues, Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll. So "put on your dancing shoes and celebrate!".

Keepin' it simple has always been the band's credo: two screamin' guitars, a slappin' double bass, a rhytmic snare drum and a soulful voice – what else do you need? NOTHIN' – at least from the band member's point of view because this is exactly the cast of THE SLAPBACKS: 4 men – 4 instruments – pure music without compromises. Capturing the very essence of Rockabilly music with this formula it also turned out to be the most uncomplicated way of performing, recording and having fun.


Till now, THE SLAPBACKS already drove thousands of miles on European highways and rocked countless cities all over Europe and the USA.Since 2001 they've published five CD's which all represent a certain state of sound depending on the period of time they were recorded in. Don't you dare to miss 'em!

TWISTED ROD is a 3 piece rockin‘ combo based in Prague. They play highly energetic, red hot 50s inspired music and are considered as one of the most authentic rockabilly band in the Czech Republic.


After five years of playing around the Czech Republic and forming their style, they finally released their debut album on Rhythm Bomb Records called "Bring it on Home!".



Classmates Phil (guitar), Andy (drums) and Peter „Speedy“ (bass) got together in 2008 playing mostly psychobilly music. After seeing bands like Cherry Casino and the Gamblers, Carl and the Rhythm Allstars, Jack Rabbit Slim, etc. and realising that there is a rockin scene out there, they quickly started to love and pursue this sound and style.




Mit Sandra "The BEAM" Krulis von SOME LIKE IT HOT ( und Mario "KING D" David (